Professional Projects

Loot raiders - Team Chaos [ios & android]


Loot Raiders is about conquering distant lands, hoarding the most epic loot ever seen, and building a formidable force of fighters to do your every bidding.

This was my first professional game that I saw from pitch to release.

  • Initial R&D on game features and assets
  • UI and Game System programming, most notably 
    • Skills System
    • In-game inbox System


Personal Projects

Room Breaker (code name) -

Screen Breaker is augmented version of the classic snake game. The basic idea is you play snake and get a gun that break the wall so you can go the bigger room surrounding the one you are in.

My motivation for this project is to find a workflow for making games that I like, since most other projects end in unfinished project or are cancelled. 

In Development



Orchid (Ludum Dare 28)

My game entry for Ludum Dare 28. With the theme "You only get one . . ." this game hopes to bring deep, deep feels.

Production location . . . Darwin's Bedroom



[project ORCHID]

From the ashes of 'Orchid' comes . . . [project ORCHID]! And they weren't really ashes, but it wouldn't have sounded as cool.


Stopped Development


 Arboretum -

Made with two other people during the RTX 2013 Game Jam. The basic idea is controlling a root system of a tree to collect resources and grow a tree. This is a "growing" concept that is evolves during the weekend.


Stopped Development

Fibonacci's Quest -

This is an ambitious game that makes its entry in the Fantasy Adventure category.  The team is made up of a large team of Artists (try 15-20 . . . I know right?) and just 2 programmers, including myself. It's a huge learning experience with plenty of things to learn. 

This game has been cancelled due to lack of people, resources, and poor organization. 

Development Cancelled